It’s about Time. Automating the cash processes in your branch.

It’s about Time. Automating the cash processes in your branch.

37% of all transactions at the teller line involve cash (Kronos, 2019)

88% of small business customers visit the branch to deposit cash (and checks) (YouGov 2019)

How much time Glory TCRs can save you?

Managing cash flow including start- and end-of-day procedures times, vault buy and sell times reduced by up to 50% percent. Shift opening and closing processes are reduced by up to 30 mins per teller. Teller cash transaction times reduced by 35-50%. Release tellers to deliver higher levels of customer engagement and experience. Higher customer satisfaction with shorter lines.

TCR – the benefits for everyone:

– reduce in-branch cash inventory and costs by 20 to 40%;

– sort and validate notes in-branch – deploy fit notes in ATMs;

– optimize CIT collections and deliveries reduce costs by 20 to 47%;

– enable open-plan ‘retail-style’ branch design to optimize efficiency to enhance customer experience;

– improve branch security and reduced the risk of robbery.


It’s time to hear what our customers say:

“With the Glory TCRs, we have seen a sales increase of 8.7% (YOY), and are able to sell an average of 15 more products a month.” Ben Hopper, Vice President of Retail Strategy & Transformation, First Horizon.

“Our branches have seen immediate results since implementing Glory’s cash recyclers. Working with Glory has been a game-changer for us and improved our member experience. ”Heather Nally, VP of Sales & Services, Purdue Credit Union.

“The focus for cash handling has shifted from the cash you’re counting to focusing on your customer.” Tammy Goertz, Senior Vice President of Branch Operations, First National Bank of Bastrop.

“The Glory TCR has more than met our expectations and has genuinely improved our customer and staff experience.” Raichelle L. Kallery, Senior Retail Banking Officer & SVP, The Savings Bank.

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