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The benefits of automated banknote deposit solutions.


Your clients’ opportunity to carry out more financial operations by themselves gives your staff an opportunity to work for the success of your business. Due to a combination of self-service elements and staff assistance such as cash withdrawal, payment for services, or account replenishment by DieboldNixdorf ATMs, GLORY or SCAN COIN – automated service allows you to save your clients’ time, increase the service level and satisfy your clients’ needs.



CS 2070 Multifunction Lobby Intelligent Deposit System offers comprehensive deposit functionality and can support bundle check and cash deposit transactions with optional support of coin dispense, or passbook or statement printing. Designed not only for convenience and ease of use, but for simple upkeep, as well.


CS 2550 Exterior Through-The-Wall Cash Dispenser System. The CS 2550 provides convenient cash access while optimizing the cash-replenishment cycle. It is ergonomically designed to suit any user group and features a robust construction that allows long-term operations in outdoor settings.


CS 2060 Lobby Cash Dispenser System. The CS 2060 is an indoor cash dispenser ideal for use in branch and lobby environments that offer expanded functionality such as passbook or A4 statement printing and coin processing.


CS 4040 Lobby Cash Recycler System. It is designed to provide flexibility for FIs that need solutions tailored to specific market needs and customer environments. Significantly reduces cash-management costs and challenges, keep ATM networks supplied with the optimal level of cash, and automatically count, fitness check and detect counterfeiting while recirculating deposited notes to save FIs both time and money.


CS 4060 Lobby Cash Recycler System. The CS 4060 is an outstanding performer, offering reliable banknote recognition and handling, as well as up to seven recycling denominations, passbook printing, statement printing and coin dispensing options.


CS 2560 Outdoor Through-the-Wall Intelligent Deposit System. It is a multifunctional intelligent deposit system that offers around-the-clock, time-saving convenience for customers. With advanced functionality in depositing large or small quantities of cash, bundles of checks or a mix of the two, it is a trusted option to offer exceptional service to customers.


CS 2020 Lobby Cash Dispenser System. Freestanding lobby cash dispenser offering cash accessibility via mobile or NFC technology, along with an encrypted touchscreen for a secure and modern transaction experience.

ProCash 2000xe

ProCash 2000xe Monofunction cash dispenser is a compelling solution as it comes with a small footprint and delivers maximum availability. The integrated stepper motor enables cassettes to be emptied down to the very last note. The wide range of installation options – combined with prefabricated frames – makes it possible to install this system even in locations where space is limited.

ProCash 2050xe

ProCash 2050xe Monofunction cash dispenser. The layout of controls on the ProCash 2050xe guarantees privacy even when cash is withdrawn at busy locations such as pedestrian zones and shopping malls. This effect is hanced by the optional privacy display filter.
The system attracts increased attention with its customizable backlit logo panel on the outer frame, which is visible from a considerable distance.

ProCash 2100xe

ProCash 2100xe Multifunction ATM for lobby installations. Cash and Coin deposits in sidecar, bundle output up to 60 notes, optimized cash management, designed for use by pepole with disabilities, comprehensive security solutions, ergonomic.


GDB-100 – banknote deposit solution. A scalable banknote deposit automation device with advanced authentication and sorting features. GDB-100 facilitates large quantities of banknotes to be deposited by business and personal customers. Deposits are processed quickly and efficiently, eliminating long queues in the branch, reducing cash processing costs and also enabling cash inventory to be reused elsewhere in the branch.


Assisted service solution. The G-200 from GLORY enables your customers to do more for themselves, allowing you to optimise your teller resources and provide a new branch experience. Consisting of a banknote recycler, coin recycler, cheque processing module and other optional functions, G-200 is able to process a wide range of transactions that currently ATMs can’t deliver.


Self-service kiosk for coin deposits
A simple and effective solution for coin depositing automation. A user-friendly and intuitive interface, guide lights allow your customer not to concentrate on the process itself but simply to enjoy the procedure which was very complicated and time-spending before. By separating the depositing of large volumes of coins into a separate stream in your branch, you allow your staff to focus on more profitable transactions.