Cash management

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Cash flow automation. Possibilities and benefits.


Even in the era of the newest technologies and distant operations your clients still want to be served in offline financial institutions. And the staff of cash centers requires a secure and fast cash calculation method. Automation of cash handling processes increases profitability by optimizing costs, changes clients’ experience, increases the level of work and quality of services offered.

GLORY cash handling solutions securely and safely count cash. Among many options such as sorting, rejection, safekeeping, and counting various denominations and currencies, GLORY solutions change your business for the better.

SCAN COIN desktop coin counters and self-service kiosks are simple and effective solutions for coin depositing automation.


Mini banknote sorters


GFS220 increases operational efficiency through high speed, reliable counting and thorough banknote verification. Peculiar features: recounting of multicurrency packs, obtaining information on rejected banknotes, recognition and comparison of serial numbers, displaying banknote images on a large touch screen, remote access for data collection and system updates. The GFS-220 is a readymade solution for any financial institution.


GFS220F-C is a new generation of high-speed and safe GLORY mini-sorters. Extended funcionality, easy interface for a user, efficient sorting, rejection of counterfeit banknotes and reading serial numbers at high speed. Compact and convenient, all in one device. Everything you need for any financial activity.

Banknote counters


The robust EV8626 currency counter is the entry level model from Glory’s EV86-Series of currency counters. It is an ideal model for users who require a highly accurate solution for processing low to medium volumes of banknotes or where ease of use and minimal product training are the key purchase considerations.

Coin counters/sorters

Mach 3

The Mach 3 significantly reduces the time required by your staff to count and sort coins. Counting and sorting at up to 1,500 coins per minute, the Mach 3 accelerates coin processing increasing accuracy and efficiency. Its compact size means it can be easily stored when not in use and transported between different locations.

Mach 9

The Mach 9e is a high speed, heavy duty coin sorter, specifically designed for high volume processing centers where throughput and reliability is critical. Perfect for cash processing centers, transportation companies and other financial institutions, the Mach 9e delivers unrivalled performance, accuracy and productivity.


Multipurpose desktop coin counter. Compact, ergonomic, and easy to operate. Continuous counting, counting with bagging, rejection into a bag. Sorting coins by thickness and diameter at a speed up to 2700 coins per min. Ideal solution for fast and accurate counting in financial institutions, transport, and retail companies.


Multipurpose desktop coin counter. Suitable for counting, sorting, bagging of coins and tokens. Hopper volume is up to 3000 coins. Accurate counting stop for packaging, sorting by thickness and diameter at a speed up to 2700 coins per min. Data storage of counted coins, autoreverse in case of jams. Perfect reliability and high performance. Suitable for industrial, financial, transport and entertaining companies.


Reliable partners for banking, retail, amusement, and other businesses that need to count, verify, or bag coins or tokens. Choose between a manual hopper and an automatic hopper with filling. Access to the coin rail makes checking and service very easy. With counting speed up to 3,000 coins per minute, the SC-350 and SC-360 are real time-savers.

Banknote sorters


USF-100 is a multipurpose and compact banknote sorter. Accelerates cash management operations, quick rejects old banknotes and recycles good ones. This mid-sized desktop sorter provides fast, efficient and continuous processing of standard volumes of money.


USF-300 does not require a lot of space, speeds up cash management operations due to high-speed rejection of old notes and recycling of notes within the organization. This mid-sized desktop sorter operates average cash volumes efficiently and troubleproofs with minimal effort from your side.


Banknote sorters UW-F serie provide the highest level of authentication and sorting while reducing your operating costs. You may choose from 4 configurations and get maximum flexibility and ability to work with large volumes of banknotes handling.

Coin packaging


The high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins and the standard speed WR-90 is suitable for any size of operation. Robust and reliable, the WR-500/90 coin wrappers deliver you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimising errors.

Deposit solutions


DE-100 – banknote deposit solution. The DE-100 transforms the productivity of your back office and provides your business customers with secure counting, authentication and storage for banknote deposits, without the need for staff assistance. Using proven Glory technology to reduce losses and counterfeit exposure, the DE-100 takes care of the cash so you can focus on your customers.


GLDE-100 – a deposit machine with a high speed of counting banknotes in a “bundle” (600 banknotes per min) and a temporary storage module. The large loading pocket – up to 300 banknotes – can significantly reduce the counting time. A reusable bag with a capacity of 15,000 notes and protective shutter, a lock and the possibility of sealing reduce CiT frequency to a minimum. GLDE-100 safely accepts and storages banknotes in safes for day and night storage with the possibility of on-line record.


GDB-100 – banknote deposit solution. A scalable banknote deposit automation device with advanced authentication and sorting features. GDB-100 facilitates large quantities of banknotes to be deposited by business and personal customers. Deposits are processed quickly and efficiently, eliminating long queues in the branch, reducing cash processing costs and also enabling cash inventory to be reused elsewhere in the branch.


Banknote deposit solution for Retailers. A scalable banknote deposit automation device with flexible banknote storage options, advanced authentication and sorting features. CI-30B facilitates large quantities of banknotes to be deposited by Retailers into a secure device, within their back office environment. Deposits are processed quickly and efficiently, eliminating manual cash handling procedures and reducing cash processing costs.


Self-service kiosk for coin deposits
A simple and effective solution for coin depositing automation. A user-friendly and intuitive interface, guide lights allow your customer not to concentrate on the process itself but simply to enjoy the procedure which was very complicated and time-spending before. By separating the depositing of large volumes of coins into a separate stream in your branch, you allow your staff to focus on more profitable transactions.

Electronic cashiers


RBG-200 – teller cash recycler. Improves branch operation process and efficiency to increase profits. Open office space, reducing of start/end working (operation) day, acceleration of cashier operations, staff reorganization and increased customer satisfaction – all that can be achieved with the RBG-200 Series teller cash recyclers.

Compact bank


Assisted service solution. The G-200 from GLORY enables your customers to do more for themselves, allowing you to optimise your teller resources and provide a new branch experience. Consisting of a banknote recycler, coin recycler, cheque processing module and other optional functions, G-200 is able to process a wide range of transactions that currently ATMs can’t deliver.