The Security Challenge: "Jackpot" and other fraud


Confidentiality of financial operations and data protection of your clients are of paramount importance. Data loss or information leak are not only financial losses but primarily mistrust of your clients.

Diebold Nixdorf software allows you to work with your hosting, adapt working scenario with the display of information, protect ATMs against physical, logical or fraud attacks.

GLORY software allows you to manage your cash balances on all CASHINFINITY solutions at your retail point, operate your devices remotely, quickly and efficiently provide any software updates, and make any changes in configuration.



CI-SERVER cash management software optimises your cash handling activities throughout the front and back offi ce by providing advanced web-browser based reporting. Working with CASHINFINITY™ point of sale and back offi ce cash recyclers, your store managers receive real-time device updates and status information, as well as a consolidated view of all cash inventory in your CASHINFINITY devices at the store.

Vynamic Security

What is more important is confidentiality. Loss of data and information leakage are not only financial loss, but loss of customer confidence, which can cause the greatest damage. Vynamic Security protects self-service devices from network attacks and spyware software, performs the functions of a firewall and antivirus, and does not require constant updates.

Vynamic View

Consumer expects access to self-service channels “anytime, anywhere”. The challenge for financial institutions is to optimize accessibility without increasing costs. For many financial institutions, this task can quickly become overwhelming. With comprehensive management and remote solving problems, Vynamic™ View delivers consistent and reliable performance for any fleet of devices, and not just ATMs.