Without cash registers… But with CASHINFINITY!

Without cash registers… But with CASHINFINITY!

The VK Express store chain, which is a part of the largest Ukrainian holding Retail Group, is growing. In the Pechersky district of Kyiv, a new format store has opened – without traditional checkouts.

In partnership with another self-service checkout manufacturer, two of the supermarket’s checkouts are equipped with CI-10 machine of CASHINFINITY series from GLORY. This means that purchases can be paid in cash.

This is already the 16th store of the holding chain, which also includes “brothers and sisters” Velmart, Velyka Kyshenya and VK Select. The supermarket is open 24/7, and the CI-10 equipment helps customers make payments quickly and securely, while store employees can spend more time with visitors.

Read about other partners of the project in an article from the Retail Association of Ukraine.

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