EuroShop 2023. All links, one place.

EuroShop 2023. All links, one place.

And it indeed is. Representatives of the retail industry are in one place, under one roof. 1830 exhibitors from 55 countries presented their products to more than 81,000 visitors from all over the world. EuroShop is a place where everyone belongs. Where you no longer feel like a fish in water, but like an octopus that attracts attention, people, and new technologies. We focused on cash processing equipment, as well as visited other EuroShop exhibition halls.

The retail technology was focused on current and future customer relationship opportunities. Starting from the concept of an automated store (seamless store) to data analysis (analytics). From artificial intelligence (AI) to electronic forms of payment using mobile devices (mobile technologies). As well as the convergence of analog and digital purchases and sales (connected retail).


Hot topics of EuroShop 2023, which were discussed at the booths, in special presentation areas, and during the presentations by representatives and owners of leading retail companies:

  • Third Places 
  • Experience
  • Vital city centers
  • Customer Centricity
  • Connected Retail
  • Sustainability
  • Smart Store
  • Energy Management

According to RBR Retail Cash Automation 2023 research, the number of cash automation devices installed at retailers increased by more than 20% between the end of 2019 and 2022 to reach more than 900,000. Although well-established in Japan for many years, POS devices are increasingly common elsewhere, including in many European countries; excluding Japan, installations grew by 58% from end-2019 to end-2022. Between 2022 and 2027, retail cash automation devices installed at retailers worldwide will grow to around 1.3 million.

These topics for discovery are not new, nevertheless, they are getting more relevant from year to year for each segment of the retail industry. We discuss, we ask, and we care – this is extremely important for us, our customers, and a successful future.

Can we?.. Yes, of course! – so briefly, but very professionally, GLORY representatives answer customer requests.

“We can add, We can change, We can customize,” company representatives from various departments say. This year the company is celebrating its first real anniversary of CASHINFINITY technology in Germany. For 10 years, GLORY and GLORY DACH have been successfully providing this solution to European customers and supporting a large number of well-known companies inefficient cash processing.


At EuroShop2023, GLORY introduced a new series of CASHINFINITY equipment, CI-X generation of a cash processing solution for retailers. It’s a future-oriented, integrated technology that helps retailers meet current and future needs in areas ranging from the checkout to the back office.

With the CI-X series GLORY has brought together previously isolated checkout processes by adjusting the solution to meet new requirements based on customer requests. This solution provides retailers with even more flexibility to tailor cash handling to their specific processes and requirements.

In addition to the new CI-X product line, GLORY showcased other retail solutions that are already performing successfully. For example, in cooperation with Acrelec, terminal kiosks CI-15 with the option “Ordered-paid-picked”. These kiosks are supposed to be cash-only and located in self-service areas.

The main theme of the GLORY exhibition booth was the checkout of the future. How can retailers create an efficient and attractive checkout area that will offer a positive shopping experience to as many customers as possible despite new challenges?

Future-proof GLORY CASHINFINITY technology is not only fast, simple, and secure, but above all flexible and versatile. Hybrid models, which include self-checkout options as well as traditional checkouts with cashiers, meet customer requirements and are therefore highly promising.

We were very glad to visit Düsseldorf, which has already become our home, the booth of our partners, as well as to see everything live. Hugging colleagues, chatting, and realizing that we are the best! Despite obstacles, distances, and adventures, this is the place for us, and it gives us hope for even better work. We will make sure to come next time. See you at EuroCIS2024.