The fall of 2022. Despite air raids, new realities and circumstances, on the 4th of November, we met at the forum. “Business Format” united us into a friendly family, and we had an open conversation about finances, money circulation in Ukraine, new challenges, and technologies.

Representatives of the National Bank and commercial banks of Ukraine, as well as partner companies, spoke about ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the banking system under martial law. Financial experts discussed various issues, including payment support and money protection for the Ukrainians, the features of cash and cashless payments under martial law, legislative regulation of cash turnover in the country, a sufficient amount of and forecasting demand for cash, as well as the CIT services and the safety of transporting cash to “hot spots”.

Using the example of the GLORY CASHINFINITY equipment, which was presented at the exhibition booth, we talked about the experience of cooperation between banks and retailers. During the demonstration, we highlighted some features of the operation of cash sorters and counters of the UW-F, GFS, and Mach series. We also demonstrated the difference in models and additional functions for convenient counting of various amounts of coins, as well as the possibility of packaging and sorting using the example of the operation of Suzohapp SCAN COIN 303, 313, and 350 coin counters.

Each meeting at the forum is an annual proof of the benefits of our cooperation and equipment, our confidence in the financial market of Ukraine and in our business partners, as well as new horizons and bold collaborations of the banking and retail sectors in surprising projects.